Geneviève Brassard

Teamwork and growth

I joined PSP Investments for the career opportunities and in eight years, I have moved up twice in my department, had the opportunity to work on international transactions and travel widely. At PSP Investments, we are able to take initiative and we are listened to. Our group consists of both young people and more experienced ones who share their expertise and help us grow. The team spirit is remarkable.

—Geneviève Brassard, Real Estate Investments
Léandre Kouamou Yepmou

Continual learning

I joined PSP Investments because I liked the vision and values of the corporation and was immediately interested in the opportunities for growth. In fact, I was first hired as an intern and then evolved to a permanent position, where I am part of a team in which I play an important role. PSP Investments’s dynamic approach to investing - thinking outside the box, looking for different ways to leverage its strengths and realities, as well as its ability to adapt - makes my career challenging and interesting. I am pleased to contribute to PSP Investments’s success.

—Léandre Kouamou Yepmou, Risk Management
Michel Valley

Developing new skills

I had previously worked as a math teacher and made a complete change when I came to PSP Investments. I started in a support role, learned a lot and wanted to do more. In seven years, I’ve had the opportunity to make many steps forward and I am now working as a portfolio manager. A growing organization, competent colleagues and evolving responsibilities are major motivations to continue to develop my knowledge and skills.

—Michel Valley, Currencies and Global Macro
Linda Lee

Investing in people

PSP Investments is a company where we are able to reach our full potential. It provides a stimulating work environment that fosters excellence and talent development. I really appreciate the organization’s culture of teamwork and collaboration that creates a very positive and rewarding place to work.

—Linda Lee, Economy and Market Strategies