Investors with vision

Spotting opportunities on the edge

A total fund perspective

We work together to realize innovative investment opportunities. Our experts collaborate across asset classes and beyond borders to realize complex global deals. The breadth and depth of our insights keeps us ahead of the market, so we can consistently deliver competitive returns.

“Our expanding global footprint provides us with the market insights to spot the edge and to seize investment opportunities.”

Growing our portfolio

[In C$ as at March 31, 2024]


Net assets under management


Total fund 1-year portfolio return


5-year net annualized return


10-year net annualized return

Our approach

Tax strategy

PSP Investments is a Canadian tax-exempt Crown corporation. Our tax strategy sets out our approach to tax matters in those jurisdictions in which we operate and hold investments.

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Risk management

We are committed to minimizing risks and maximizing returns. To realize this objective, we have developed an integrated approach to managing the full spectrum of risks across our entreprise.

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Keys to our success

Long-term capital

We have a long-term investment horizon which allows us to avoid short-term pressure and invest in a wider range of opportunities.

Flexible funding solutions

We offer a large breadth of creative capital structure solutions, which allows us to execute on a wide spectrum of deal sizes with flexible investment horizons.

Agile and relationship-driven

We have a flat and integrated structure that allows us to execute transactions with speed and agility, and build long-term relationships with key partners.


Speed of Execution

We are flexible and agile and we are transparent and predictable throughout the investment process.

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Investing creatively

Breakdown of net assets per asset class*

[as at March 31, 2024] - *Figures do not add up due to rounding
  • 42.2%
    Capital Markets (excluding Cash and Cash Equivalents)
  • 15.3%
    Private Equity
  • 13.0%
  • 10.3%
    Real Estate
  • 9.9%
    Credit Investments
  • 5.7%
    Natural Resources
  • 0.9%
    Portefeuille complémentaire
Vision makes visionaries
Vision makes visionaries

We hold a stake in one of Silicon Valley’s top communications infrastructure providers. Our investment in a leading data wholesalermade possible by a creative collaboration between Infrastructure, Private Equity and Real Estateputs us on the cutting-edge.

Company: Vantage Data Centers
Country: United States
Asset classes: Infrastructure with the support of Private Equity & Real Estate
Date: 2017