Our governance

Our governance

Safeguarding the capital entrusted to us

Built on a solid foundation

Operating at arm’s length from the Government of Canada, our investment decisions are informed by a rigorous governance model outlined in the Public Sector Pension Investment Board Act (PSPIB). We are committed to transparency, and regularly report our activities and performance to the ministers responsible for the Pension Plans.

“Integrity is at the core of our governance model, which ensures constant alignment with our mandate.”

Guided by a solid framework for decision-making

Our code of conduct guides us in upholding PSP Investments’ high ethical standards.


The code clearly outlines expectations for business practices and behaviour related to:



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How to report an infraction to our Code of Conduct


If you have information or knowledge of any act or practice which is illegal or prohibited under the provisions of our Code, or which you believe to be unethical, you may confidentially report it to:


    60 Queen Street, 7th floor

    Ottawa, ON K1P 5Y7

    Telephone: 613.941.6400

    Toll free: 1.866.941.6400

    Fax: 613.946-2151

Board of Directors

Our management reports to an independent Board of Directors, which is responsible for supervising the management of PSP's business affairs. 

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Senior Management

Our seasoned leadership team is dedicated to implementing our strategy.

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We have an integrated approach to managing a full spectrum of risks. See how we manage risk.

About our governance

Reporting and accountability 


  • We report to the ministers responsible for the Pension Plans through our quarterly financial statements and annual report.

  • The annual report is made available to contributors to the Pension Plans and is tabled in each House of Parliament by the President of the Treasury Board.

  • The President and CEO, and the Chair of the Board meet once a year with advisory committees appointed to oversee the Pension Plans.

  • We hold an annual public meeting.

  • We communicate on an ongoing basis with the Chief Actuary of Canada, Treasury Board officials and other Government of Canada officials in the execution of our statutory mandate.

  • We undergo a yearly external audit pursuant to the Financial Administration Act (FAA). The Auditor General of Canada and Deloitte LLP serve as our joint external auditors and are also responsible for conducting Special Examinations at least once every 10 years.

Download our By-Laws
Téléchargement Document By-Law No. 1
Date: Feb. 10, 2023
Size: 229.7 KB
Téléchargement Document By-Law No. 2
Date: April 1, 2023
Size: 112.0 KB

PSP and Canada Growth Fund – Conflicts Policy

The PSP Investments and Canada Growth Fund - Conflicts Policy was established to address the risk of any real, potential or perceived conflicts of interest in the context of the investment management services provided by Canada Growth Fund Investment Management Inc. (the “Manager”) to Canada Growth Fund Inc. (“CGF”). It is intended to apply to situations where a real, potential or perceived conflict of interest arises (or may arise) between the interests of PSP Investments and /or the Manager, on the one hand, and  those of CGF, on the other hand, which is managed by the Manager, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PSP. 

Our Accessibility Plan

PSP Investments strives to build an inclusive and accessible organization where people of all abilities can thrive and reach their full potential. In accordance with the Accessible Canada Act and the Accessible Canada Regulations, we have adopted an initial action plan to facilitate the integration of people with disabilities and help remove barriers to a fully accessible workplace by 2040. Our action plan is publicly available, and members of the public are invited to submit feedback to:  


Christine Merminod, Managing Director, People Strategy and Ei&D

1250, boul. René-Lévesque Ouest, bureau 1400 

Montréal, Québec H3B 5E9 Canada